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The purpose of the NuovaEnergia Club’s “NEC” energy efficiency programme is to strengthen the environmental awareness of participants and give consumers useful information on efficient use of energy, i.e. encouraging them to use energy efficiently.

In terms of climate protection and the closely related energy sector our primary concern must be energy efficiency, replacing our short-term materialistic mindset with a long-term environmentally-friendly attitude.

If this is your goal as well, we can easily work together!

According to international surveys nearly 30% of the used energy is consumed by households, but if we also take into account the energy needed to generate this energy then households seem to consume at least 40 percent of the total amount of used energy.

Excessive and unreasonable energy consumption leads to atmospheric pollution which causes global warming and a host of unforeseeable consequences, such as the sudden climate changes that we can inevitably perceive around us (and this is only the beginning), which not only destroy our habitat but also ruin our living conditions. Recognising these facts, the European Union has been focusing closely on elaborating projects to use available energy sources more efficiently, conducting researches on renewable energies and reducing noxious gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). Furthermore, the privatisation of the energy sector and the constant rise in energy prices hit us as consumers too, which is not something we can ignore in the current economic hardship.

Therefore, energy conservation is not strictly a matter of environmental protection only (lower consumption = protecting the environment), but also entails significant material benefits for the entire economy.

And for you - also ...

"Every sound and reasonable person has to realise that

energy conservation is not just our interest

but it is also an obligation!"


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