2009. 02. 26.
We have discovered hot water, at half the price: a truly intelligent saving! It is well-known that water is the basis for all human activities, and we must preserve and protect it. The change in lifestyle caused by technical development along with consumer habits suffering from a lack of information result in much squandering.

At the same time, thanks to the provision of environmentally conscious information and applying new technologies, this trend can be reined in and reversed.

Most of the annual energy budgets of hotels, camping sites, sports facilities, fitness centres, barracks, hospitals and other public institutions are made up of the water charge and the cost of the energy used to heat water.

Thus NuovaEnergia can do a great deal to reduce energy bills (even by up to 50%!).

NuovaEnergia offers simple technology tried and tested in Western Europe which can easily be mounted onto taps and shower-heads; by mixing water and air as required you can save up to 50% of your water consumption and the related energy used.

More than 350,000 families in Italy and Spain already use the new water aerators!

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